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Mumbai - 400 053, India

Kenmark Associate Companies.


Kenmark T Solutions

Kenmark T Solutions is an upcoming IT Company that strives to fulfil all IT needs for their users. We term ourselves as an “ALL IT SOLUTIONS” firm, covering everything within hardware or software that you would require.

IT Solutions


Kenmark Tech Solutions

We are a company of dedicated personal having a diverse background of being Marine Engineers, Master Mariners, Superintendents, OEM specialists and Service Engineers, and Senior Class Surveyor.

Engineering Solutions


Kenmark Trendy Solutions

“SHX Makeovers & More” A Company founded by Deepshikha Mehra, CEO of Kenmark Trendy Solutions and Business Developement for Brain Secrets.Snap you out of your monotonous routine look to introduce you to a newer, truer you.

Shx Makeovers